Monday, September 21, 2009

A House Divided

What the hell has happened to us ?

Lets look at the issue in both macro and micro . then we will take a stab at overall .  Macro is the gun community .  We have the “ prags “  on one side shown by Sebation ( ) and lionage  ( and the other best done by Mike at and david at

Now you can go read , but suffice it to say there are two fundamental ideas on just what our rights , and specifically gun rights mean .   such goes the micro .

Lets look at the macro … the tea parties , and the honest folk who worry about some folk not having some services ..  Now i am going to try to keep this post neutral .  I may well not succeed , but ill try .  I remember when Regan was the dumbest sob on the block .  I remember when Carter was going to save us from ourselves .  Hell i remember Nixon … nuff said there ? .  Nowadays we have Obama . Like him and his policies or no we do have him .  When the sun comes up tomorrow  he will be my president .  which leads me to some of the discourse .  I remember when our gun disagreements run to the gamers ( calib ) vs the “ shooters “ ( farnam , aayub, cooper .. ect ). but ill note that the “ shooters “ fed off the gamers  for both techniques and technology . 

Today the politics is not far off this .  I just talked to a guy who is close to a friend  who says the time for revolution is NOW .  Now this is not a gun trader friend , this is a hs basketball friend .  and he and i have some deap seated disagreements as to just where a “ revolution “ starts .  He says it starts from shooting our elected folk … i say it starts by shooting the guy i know who is a cop .  I d0nt think we are “ ready “ because “ ready “ will involve shoot your neighbor .  I wont do that . You simply cant kill down enough to make a “ bullet vote “ work  We threepers and prags  have a window to work togeater and cast the ballet.


ill post more later on the disagreement and just what imho an armed insurrection might need .