Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Two Americans in Mormon sect slain in Mexico | World | - Houston Chronicle


Two Americans in Mormon sect slain in Mexico | World | - Houston Chronicle

Now i am neither much , nor little on the Mormon faith  and in fact i am not just sure as to why it is relevant here .


To me the relevant quote  is :


“We don’t know what to do,” he said. “We can’t bear arms. We have no way of legally protecting ourselves.”


Think hard about that .


Mexico is not exactly a 3rd world shithole ,  and it is our neighbor to the south . However it is our neighbor , not our satellite and it has its own gun rules and rule of law .  It seems that like some of our major metro areas here in the USA  the only folks who obey the law and are disarmed are folks who have values that respect the government in the first place .  

The same Americans who bother to be armed  see to it that we all have all our rights  . I feel that the amount of new Americans who have bought firearms encourages this viewpoint. 

Interesting  times indeed …  we are killed where we can defend ourselves ,  and we are killed without cause or pause where we cannot .

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day, 2009, and the totems of freedom


Here as I type this , its all over but the ring of fireworks , and for some putting the children to bed .  The wife and the daughter drove half way across the county  to watch the fireworks that the area volunteer fire depts put on ( they pool the money donated to put on a show and this year it was in the next town over ) , the son is at his house babysetting his dog , as am I mine  as the “ rockets red glare “ and the happy reports rebound from the tallest structures in town . 

Mother Nature is slowly moving thro our area with her own lightning show that washes out the fireworks , though not enough rain to bother anyone .  This gives a few minutes of peaceful contemplation on just what the 4th means to me , and how that has changed over the years .

As a rural child  I would do anything up to and including an Indian rain dance  to insure rain on or near the 4th .  No rain was simply NO fireworks in our  wheat/grassland .

As I grew ( maturity is still not there ) I came to understand  that the 4th celebrated  the wonderful nation we live in , and paid respect to all who served to make and keep it .


Tonight while I removed my carry gun I paused to reflect on today's politics  and again realized that once again the meaning of the 4th has changed for me .

Nowadays  I recognize that   the day celebrates a successful revolution  against unfair oppression . and in that spirit i am going to “ geocache  “  an sks with a sealed tin of ammo .  In the same spirit i will continue to talk to my state reps  who i know , and  contact my national reps in the hopes that one of my grandons can “ dig it up “ .  to have what today is a common rifle , but then might be worth owning .


The best to you and yours  on this day .