Monday, September 21, 2009

A House Divided

What the hell has happened to us ?

Lets look at the issue in both macro and micro . then we will take a stab at overall .  Macro is the gun community .  We have the “ prags “  on one side shown by Sebation ( ) and lionage  ( and the other best done by Mike at and david at

Now you can go read , but suffice it to say there are two fundamental ideas on just what our rights , and specifically gun rights mean .   such goes the micro .

Lets look at the macro … the tea parties , and the honest folk who worry about some folk not having some services ..  Now i am going to try to keep this post neutral .  I may well not succeed , but ill try .  I remember when Regan was the dumbest sob on the block .  I remember when Carter was going to save us from ourselves .  Hell i remember Nixon … nuff said there ? .  Nowadays we have Obama . Like him and his policies or no we do have him .  When the sun comes up tomorrow  he will be my president .  which leads me to some of the discourse .  I remember when our gun disagreements run to the gamers ( calib ) vs the “ shooters “ ( farnam , aayub, cooper .. ect ). but ill note that the “ shooters “ fed off the gamers  for both techniques and technology . 

Today the politics is not far off this .  I just talked to a guy who is close to a friend  who says the time for revolution is NOW .  Now this is not a gun trader friend , this is a hs basketball friend .  and he and i have some deap seated disagreements as to just where a “ revolution “ starts .  He says it starts from shooting our elected folk … i say it starts by shooting the guy i know who is a cop .  I d0nt think we are “ ready “ because “ ready “ will involve shoot your neighbor .  I wont do that . You simply cant kill down enough to make a “ bullet vote “ work  We threepers and prags  have a window to work togeater and cast the ballet.


ill post more later on the disagreement and just what imho an armed insurrection might need .

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Two Americans in Mormon sect slain in Mexico | World | - Houston Chronicle


Two Americans in Mormon sect slain in Mexico | World | - Houston Chronicle

Now i am neither much , nor little on the Mormon faith  and in fact i am not just sure as to why it is relevant here .


To me the relevant quote  is :


“We don’t know what to do,” he said. “We can’t bear arms. We have no way of legally protecting ourselves.”


Think hard about that .


Mexico is not exactly a 3rd world shithole ,  and it is our neighbor to the south . However it is our neighbor , not our satellite and it has its own gun rules and rule of law .  It seems that like some of our major metro areas here in the USA  the only folks who obey the law and are disarmed are folks who have values that respect the government in the first place .  

The same Americans who bother to be armed  see to it that we all have all our rights  . I feel that the amount of new Americans who have bought firearms encourages this viewpoint. 

Interesting  times indeed …  we are killed where we can defend ourselves ,  and we are killed without cause or pause where we cannot .

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day, 2009, and the totems of freedom


Here as I type this , its all over but the ring of fireworks , and for some putting the children to bed .  The wife and the daughter drove half way across the county  to watch the fireworks that the area volunteer fire depts put on ( they pool the money donated to put on a show and this year it was in the next town over ) , the son is at his house babysetting his dog , as am I mine  as the “ rockets red glare “ and the happy reports rebound from the tallest structures in town . 

Mother Nature is slowly moving thro our area with her own lightning show that washes out the fireworks , though not enough rain to bother anyone .  This gives a few minutes of peaceful contemplation on just what the 4th means to me , and how that has changed over the years .

As a rural child  I would do anything up to and including an Indian rain dance  to insure rain on or near the 4th .  No rain was simply NO fireworks in our  wheat/grassland .

As I grew ( maturity is still not there ) I came to understand  that the 4th celebrated  the wonderful nation we live in , and paid respect to all who served to make and keep it .


Tonight while I removed my carry gun I paused to reflect on today's politics  and again realized that once again the meaning of the 4th has changed for me .

Nowadays  I recognize that   the day celebrates a successful revolution  against unfair oppression . and in that spirit i am going to “ geocache  “  an sks with a sealed tin of ammo .  In the same spirit i will continue to talk to my state reps  who i know , and  contact my national reps in the hopes that one of my grandons can “ dig it up “ .  to have what today is a common rifle , but then might be worth owning .


The best to you and yours  on this day .

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Grief turns to anger for Jackson fans


Grief turns to anger for Jackson fans



Ill save you a click …


Grief turned into anger Saturday for fans of Michael Jackson who bitterly accused his doctors -- and society at large -- for cutting short the King of Pop's tragic life.

Two days after one of history's best-selling artists collapsed and died at his rented Beverly Hills mansion, streams of fans kept offering flowers and teddy bears outside his home and on his star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

"He shouldn't have died so young. It's so sad. I'm just hysterical," said Deborah Canton as she sobbed inconsolably near the late 50-year-old pop singer's star. “


What the hell is wrong with us , or our media  when a pedophile  supplants such true life heroes such as  Neda Soltani and her compatriots. Jackson according to some accounts  made some good music   but he is innocent of pedophilia  in the same level oj is of murder .  It seems to me that he was a sexual “ tool “ for all his life , and is serving as the same in his death  since his trainwreck of a life supplants real news such as the iran situation , or the cap and trade tax bill that the house passed .  We have the media foreplay , now comes the “ screw “

furthermore i wont say because i might speak candidly .

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The “ White , “Conservative “, male “ Shootings.

Fyi I dont count myself as “ conservative “  , I range across the political sphere depending on the issue .  I will count myself more right than left tho .  Many liberals would color my as a con or neo con due to my attitudes on such things as the 2nd Ammendment  , the right to self defense , and responsibility/accountability in our government . 

We , i am sure, are  all saddened  by the shooting at the museum in DC . As a white male i am also irate  at the spin on the blood dance by the media.

An 88 year old nutjob  shoots up a place  and the focus is on guns=bad / and his politics  which are nutjob not conservative . Not that you would know that from media spin .

Recently another idiot in KS chose to perform a really late term abortion  on a doctor who preformed  procedures that at minimum danced on the edge of what is legal , and in church no less .  He also was not a “ conservative “.

In the Museum case at least the nutjob was a prohibited person , in a prohibited location  with a gun .  The “ Good doctor  Tiller“  in KS apparently chose to rely on police or the sanctacy of the church to protect him in spite of his controversial practices .  He could have taken responsibility for his safety if he chose ( if i understand KS law right ) with who may know success .

No dear readers i am not real sympathetic for the good MD in this case  since i consider him a state sanctified serial murderer due solely to his practices  on the latest of late term procedures  .  I however  in no way think killing him was right  and strongly believe he should have taken measures to defend himself from the foreseeable consequences of his practices in a highly emotional , though legal medical issue .

Both cases though show me that the only defense a person may have is the defense they carry be it within mindset or tools or both .

Both cases also show me the media of our day will report “ white wrongs “  , especially “ White Christian  wrongs “  to absolute hysteria while downplaying other perceived motivations be they racial or religious. The motives of other horrific crimes seem not to be reported  such as  the truly “ hanable lectorish  experience of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome, or the shootings of  Pvt. William Long and Quinton Ezeagwula at the army/navy recruiting center in Little Rock .  Strange how the  idiots in once case professed a racial motive , and the idiot in the other a religious motive .. Now just how did this escape massive media attention , and calls for the “ black raciest “    and “ Islamic terrorist”  groups to be watched closer ?  Oh wait .. if your in the right group you can waive sticks around while talking shit at a pooling place ( and intimidating  voters with your clubs ) and get charges dismissed .. not found lacking .. just dismissed by request of the federal prosecutor now in charge of the case  .  No one in the old media makes much of this .. what do you think would have happened if  so slight a gal as michelle malkin was armed with so much as a set of nail clippers within a hundred yards or so of a polling place ?


Lastly lets play “ name the party “  with the news .  Liberals  are not habitually identified by party  if they make a legal oops . Conservatives though  are almost universally named as republicans .

Now that i have established my “ Racist “ credentials for the stray liberal that blunders by , i wish to leave you with two links .




I am sure the “ jewz “ and the “ nigers “  will agree  that i am against them all .  So will the spics , slopes , and i dont know what the hell to call  the lithiwanion’s or i would ,  Oh by the way ill include all the scandihoovians  in the usa on the rant .  I hate all of you , without regard of skin or religion unless you wake up and use “ common sense “ for more than paul helmke’s talking points . 

Monday, May 18, 2009

The case for the Judge: Buzzworms

In My opinion one of the more controversial revolvers on the market today is the Taurus Judge .  The Judge is a roughly “ K” framed ( think S&W 13,19,10, ect.. with a 4” barrel ) chambered to .45 LC /.410 shot shell.

It seems everyone has an opinion on the little beast good or bad . I have read posts calling it everything from a gimmick to a boat anchor .  Without a doubt it is a niche pistol which would not be suitable for everyone .  However SWMBO fondled one and promptly issued an edict…. Get Me One! Whereupon I rolled my eyes and hoped she would forget. No such luck . 

So with some soul searching , and the sale of a rifle i did not shoot a lot (a guy has to know both his limitations and his priorities ) She got one . 

Test  shooting the Judge shows  it to be moderate in both recoil and accuracy ( minute of pop can at 20 paces ) with .45  and a close range proposition with shot shells on such targets as barn pidgins .

Yesterday the bride was moving the tractor to till the garden and I went on ahead to get the disk ready .


The disk had set for a year , tires were flat , bearings dry , and I needed to change the ends on the hydraulic hoses for this brand of tractor .

So there I was…

Climbing over and thro said disk when I dammed near kneeled on a rattlesnake.  Now I am a live and let live sort of fella for the most part but let me tell you , this little legless bastard was way to excited for my good .  I promptly set the county record for the grease gun throw , and hit the end of the air hose (which evilly attacked from its coil beside me  in support of a critter that looked like it ) akin to a dog hitting the end of the chain .  Now I carry a pistol , but  a standard pistol round shot into a maze of that much steel from close range is not the best idea anyone ever had .  To the pickup I went and out came the Judge .

By this time  the sucker had moved a few feet but not far enough .




Here is a pic after I pulled him from the new lair



The Judge went on the belt and I continued on for a bit until about 10 feet away I ran across another one which met a similar fate .


Yes the heads and rattles are removed , I keep the rattles and bury the heads leaving the rest of the snake for a hungry hawk , badger , or whatever . The reason i bury the head is because of the fangs which are fair sized even on a small prairie rattler,100_0489_resize

and possibly full of venom , not to mention still connected to the venom sacks . Not something you want to step on , or have stock step on .

I have to say that in the niche of a ranch utility pistol  the Judge is hard to beat . It is a nearly immediate off switch for vipers , and in the .45lc  both powerful and accurate enough to put down a bull that has broken his leg as I had to a while back ( no i did not take pics of that ).

We carry the Judge in a Bianchi  #4001 size 5 ( K/L frame 4”) that I had laying around from years ago .


The Judge is also avalable in a 6.5 inch barrel ( this one belongs to a friend ).


I would not buy a Judge for a defensive pistol , although I would not feel unarmed if i had to press one into that role with the .45lc option . Its that I simply feel there are a lot better options out there .  The Judge shines where a  person needs both hands free to work and a portable vermin control firearm is desired . Or where a person wants a fun and unusual pistol with a steampunk appeal .

Gardening the Rural way

The  Time comes every year , and every year we are late but Yesterday the decision was made that the garden must be tilled for planting.


Its nice to have a garden plot bigger than the archive of Pelosi’s truthful statements so we used an abandoned earthen inslage pit to shield from the winds we get . 




First order of business is to get rid of the dammed Russian thistles ( Tumbleweeds ) as easily as possible so fire is involved .



As you can see it did a “ fair “ job  with most of the dead matter too thick to till .



Next you need to actually till the ground . We prefer a Garden tractor for this so here is ours .


First you must prepare the ground for tilling breaking it up a bit so it will till to a useable depth without big clods .



Then a couple of passes with this ….



and you get this..


One more pass with the original implement.



and you have the ground ready for planting including rows laid out for corn .



Drop the seed in , cover and water with either sprinkler hose or soaker drip hose and your in business .


That folks is how you might choose to do it if you farm .