Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New year , Same crap , Different target .

Remember when every time a Shall Issue law passed there were cries of " Blood in the Streets "  and shoot outs in the parking lots ?
Well today January 1 2014  Colorado has " legal "  marijuana sales and consumption for " recreational use " . I do wonder what this will do the the number of  " medical marijuana "  cards in the state but i suspect even the hardcore stoner can see that a dr visit and a $15 card fee  will be cheaper than the 30% and up tax the state saddled the recreation end with .

However the panic is strong in surrounding states  or even the nation for that matter . The nanny mentality cannot let go of the war on a plant

Smoking marijuana in Colorado could bust drivers — weeks later — in Utah

As Colorado legalizes retail marijuana sales, Wyoming law enforcement expects bleed over

Colorado pot shops are open, but bringing it back could mean jail time

 And my personal favorite as of this time

Pot Opponents Predict 'Hogwild' Colorado Trainwreck

With snippets like  " "There are a lot of 'unintended consequences'... that will make them ponder whether this was the right decision," Kennedy said, predicting more traffic accidents, increased school truancy, higher drop-out rates and a general decrease in public health."

 "Sabet predicts marijuana shops will attempt to create addicts to bolster their bottom line.
"The only way to make money is from addiction," he said, comparing future marijuana sales tactics to casinos luring in gamblers. "They have to produce addiction in order to increase their profits and in order to do that they need to start young.""


" Alcohol, unlike marijuana, has a very long, widespread history in terms of the vast majority of the populations of Western culture before the Old Testament," Sabet said. Because of that cultural legacy, he said, "we're stuck with alcohol whether we like it or not."

And on any restrictive issue  you just know you will find a Kennedy in the woodpile before you dig very var . 

"Kennedy, whose grandfather purportedly bootlegged alcohol during Prohibition in the 1920s, said "money corrupts" and the "power and money behind the alcohol industry" makes alcohol policy reform impossible.
But with the marijuana industry, he said, "if we can catch it early enough we can prevent some of the most egregious adverse impacts."

With all the bleats of   " blood in the streets "  and  " for the children "   the issue puts me firmly in mind of the war on gun ownership to the point that I think  I'll  just set back and await the formation  of MDBW.
That would be  Moms Demand Bong Water  ,  or whatever the hell they decide to call it .

I don't partake of dope myself , I just get sick of the same old bullcrap  that the statist pricks trot out in new wrappers .  There is NO freedom by any one , anywhere that they will approve of .  If you are Pro gun and anti Pot  you better think about that a bit .  And the same goes if you are pro Pot and think gun restrictions are great .  Neither position is logically or morally sound .