Thursday, April 26, 2012

And a Great Whimper went up from the riflests

So I got back out and drove pins every 100 yards from the rifle line to the berm establishing a range of 780 yards to the foot of the berm. My SWAG wasn't worth a damn I guess since I did not factor that I had changed the angle we will shoot at somewhat .
 When I imparted this information to all and sundry in IRC chat a great whimper was heard ( We Want 1,000 Yards ).
 In the interest of minimizing the pouting on the firing line(s) of Blogarado I did a bit more driving and looking and This is what I came up with to get 1k out of the terrain I have . Click to embiggen and see full image

 Unfortunately due to the lay of the land the 1k stand is pretty much only good for 1k because too much intervening ground is simply not visible from that position . So It looks like we will just add a station out there for the folks who want to try 1k at some point , and still do most rifle from the original line .


aepilot_jim said...

Where's the llama? I don't see the llama. You should plant 100 yd stakes all the way to the llama just to be safe.

Old NFO said...

Looks like we'll have to close the pistol range to use the 1000 yard range... But we'll deal with it!

Farm.Dad said...

NFO , I really dont think we will need to as not only do we have plenty of offset , but the vertical distance between the pistol berm and this station makes it pretty well impossible for anything to happen IMO.
As usual though Everyone will look it over " boots on the ground " and we will come to the safe consisnsis