Sunday, January 20, 2013

Not thinking things through

Of late a lot of conversation has centered around a rifle ban , or a magazine limit . Folks  those items are incidental things that the statist league  really doesn't care about  or expect to get .  Items simply included for them to have something to give up in negotiation so both sides can appear " reasonable " Fools gold so to speak for supposedly pro gun politicians  to brag about blocking  .

The  real danger here as I see it , and their aim is for  the " universal background check "   , and then of course a database  to " aid Law Enforcement  in tracking Crime Guns " .   Its on its face  gun registration ( their damned wet dream )  and they are soft selling the hell out of it as " reasonable "  and a " compromise ".  Even if they don't get the database right now  it still creates a 4473  for every gun sold , easily accessible , and easily seizable by the government at any time they decide  .

When you call your  representatives don't allow yourself to be side tracked into  taking assurances  that they will fight a ban ,  make them tell you  ( or not, which is answer enough  ) that they will fight any change to the background system we have now .   If its not working then it needs repealed not " fixed"  .      


Old NFO said...

Good point FD, and you can bet a 'list' is being compiled...

Jennifer said...

And of course, it's a database of the law abiding. Unless they plan on issuing me my very own bureaucrat to handle the background check on those choir boys bent on redistribution of firearms.