Thursday, June 11, 2009

The “ White , “Conservative “, male “ Shootings.

Fyi I dont count myself as “ conservative “  , I range across the political sphere depending on the issue .  I will count myself more right than left tho .  Many liberals would color my as a con or neo con due to my attitudes on such things as the 2nd Ammendment  , the right to self defense , and responsibility/accountability in our government . 

We , i am sure, are  all saddened  by the shooting at the museum in DC . As a white male i am also irate  at the spin on the blood dance by the media.

An 88 year old nutjob  shoots up a place  and the focus is on guns=bad / and his politics  which are nutjob not conservative . Not that you would know that from media spin .

Recently another idiot in KS chose to perform a really late term abortion  on a doctor who preformed  procedures that at minimum danced on the edge of what is legal , and in church no less .  He also was not a “ conservative “.

In the Museum case at least the nutjob was a prohibited person , in a prohibited location  with a gun .  The “ Good doctor  Tiller“  in KS apparently chose to rely on police or the sanctacy of the church to protect him in spite of his controversial practices .  He could have taken responsibility for his safety if he chose ( if i understand KS law right ) with who may know success .

No dear readers i am not real sympathetic for the good MD in this case  since i consider him a state sanctified serial murderer due solely to his practices  on the latest of late term procedures  .  I however  in no way think killing him was right  and strongly believe he should have taken measures to defend himself from the foreseeable consequences of his practices in a highly emotional , though legal medical issue .

Both cases though show me that the only defense a person may have is the defense they carry be it within mindset or tools or both .

Both cases also show me the media of our day will report “ white wrongs “  , especially “ White Christian  wrongs “  to absolute hysteria while downplaying other perceived motivations be they racial or religious. The motives of other horrific crimes seem not to be reported  such as  the truly “ hanable lectorish  experience of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome, or the shootings of  Pvt. William Long and Quinton Ezeagwula at the army/navy recruiting center in Little Rock .  Strange how the  idiots in once case professed a racial motive , and the idiot in the other a religious motive .. Now just how did this escape massive media attention , and calls for the “ black raciest “    and “ Islamic terrorist”  groups to be watched closer ?  Oh wait .. if your in the right group you can waive sticks around while talking shit at a pooling place ( and intimidating  voters with your clubs ) and get charges dismissed .. not found lacking .. just dismissed by request of the federal prosecutor now in charge of the case  .  No one in the old media makes much of this .. what do you think would have happened if  so slight a gal as michelle malkin was armed with so much as a set of nail clippers within a hundred yards or so of a polling place ?


Lastly lets play “ name the party “  with the news .  Liberals  are not habitually identified by party  if they make a legal oops . Conservatives though  are almost universally named as republicans .

Now that i have established my “ Racist “ credentials for the stray liberal that blunders by , i wish to leave you with two links .




I am sure the “ jewz “ and the “ nigers “  will agree  that i am against them all .  So will the spics , slopes , and i dont know what the hell to call  the lithiwanion’s or i would ,  Oh by the way ill include all the scandihoovians  in the usa on the rant .  I hate all of you , without regard of skin or religion unless you wake up and use “ common sense “ for more than paul helmke’s talking points . 


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Didn't realize you had a blog. Stumbled on it from a comment you made on another one I read. Hope you don't mind me popping by from time to time and adding my own 2 cents. (when I can afford those 2 cents anyhow)

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naw cw feel free