Saturday, June 27, 2009

Grief turns to anger for Jackson fans


Grief turns to anger for Jackson fans



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Grief turned into anger Saturday for fans of Michael Jackson who bitterly accused his doctors -- and society at large -- for cutting short the King of Pop's tragic life.

Two days after one of history's best-selling artists collapsed and died at his rented Beverly Hills mansion, streams of fans kept offering flowers and teddy bears outside his home and on his star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

"He shouldn't have died so young. It's so sad. I'm just hysterical," said Deborah Canton as she sobbed inconsolably near the late 50-year-old pop singer's star. “


What the hell is wrong with us , or our media  when a pedophile  supplants such true life heroes such as  Neda Soltani and her compatriots. Jackson according to some accounts  made some good music   but he is innocent of pedophilia  in the same level oj is of murder .  It seems to me that he was a sexual “ tool “ for all his life , and is serving as the same in his death  since his trainwreck of a life supplants real news such as the iran situation , or the cap and trade tax bill that the house passed .  We have the media foreplay , now comes the “ screw “

furthermore i wont say because i might speak candidly .

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