Saturday, July 14, 2012

All you really need to know about Microstamping

A while back some huckster who apparently is too afraid of the FDA to formulate a plausible snake oil or dietary supplement had a brain-drizzle . He seems to have noticed that if you have a mark on something and smack something else with it the mark will be transferred to the smacked object .

With this tidbit firmly in mind he gleefully scurried off to the laboratory and and futzed with modern technology until he came up with a way to " serialize " firing pins so that in turn they would mark the primers of expended ammo. Then off to he patent office at a high lope he and his co-horts went .

Patents for this process firmly clutched to heaving breast they then approached the ruling waterheads of several nanny states presenting this great crime fighting tool . Imagine it , all the local flatfoot has to do at the crime scene is pick up one of the spent casings and almost magically the shooter will be identified by the marks impressed thereon . Never mind the percent of the casings that are actually readabley impressioned , or the possibility of a " salted " scene by tossing a handful of casings picked up at the local range , dump , draw just outside of town, or down by the river where informal shooting transpires .Or the millions of firearms already produced without said marks on the firing pin. We wont even get into those possibility’s here .

Lets just look at the base premise , the firing pin will be marked , and thus mark the casings because the firing pin would be something your average fella couldn’t easily make and thus change .

That's right a 16d scaffolding nail , and it could have been done nearly as easy with nothing more than a drill and a file than with the lathe and grinder that was used in the video . I will also point out that the knowledge needed here is nothing more than what is needed to clean the rifle . You don't have to be a member in good standing of WECSOG to replace a firing pin on any gun .

So , tell me again how this entire scheme is about fighting crime rather than a back door registration scheme if implemented . I can just hear it now “ Ohh we aren’t registering guns , we are tracking the micro-stamping marks in a data base for “ crime prevention “ .

Tip of the Stetson to the Feral Irishman for the vid

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Old NFO said...

Yep, it's EASILY defeated... How many THOUSANDS of firing pins are out there??? And readily available!!!