Monday, July 23, 2012

On Aurora

So once again innocent people are killed in a place they are disarmed if not by law then by custom of obeying signs.

Once again the usual criminal enablers blame the very objects that might have made a lifesaving difference. They just cannot stand that someone , somewhere might actually defend themselves or show courage in defense of others with no approved agents acting on the states behalf .

The police can do nothing about situations like this except investigate the crime afterwards . This is no slam against Aurora Police Dept because it was 7 minutes from the first call logged to the arrest being logged . Police officers were literally standing outside the theater and wasted no time at all getting this homicidal looser into custody . They did their job as well as anyone could through the entire incident , and I salute their professionalism .

The theater in Aurora was a posted no gun zone , however Colorado does not have binding signage . In other words the sign is the first request not to bring guns onto the property , If your spotted with a gun and asked to leave you must leave or face trespass charges . We see how that worked out for them don't we ? Anyone think “ binding signage “ that made it a crime to carry past a sign would have made the least bit of difference to the shooter ? If so , what color is the sky in your little world ?

The next shrill cry seems to be that if someone in the audience had had a gun , bullets would have been flying everywhere … * blink * * blink * Just what do you think happened in that momentary hell that the auditorium became and just how would bullets headed towards this lowlife have been bad ? Are these folks afraid that return fire might have bothered him enough to disrupt his aim or something ?

Then comes the call to ban certain guns that scare some people who know nothing about guns and are not interested in learning a dammed thing about what they attempt to keep others from owning. Or magazines that hold too many rounds, as if a cretin number of people shot is just fine , or the changing of a magazine is difficult to the point of impossible ( this shooter did change mags because the 100 round mag he bought did just what 100 round mags normally do and jammed the rifle, pictures of the scene showed his rifle outside the theater with a standard capacity 30 round mag in it ) .

It seems to me that the ones calling for citizen disarmament are only slightly more cowardly than the drone who loaded up a few guns and went out to murder the unarmed , at least he had the courage of conviction to do evil himself rather than bleat, whine, and cry for his will to be carried out by proxy .

He was evil in the flesh . I don’t care how promising a student he was . I don’t care if he loved puppies.
I don’t care if his momma didn’t hug him enough , or if his daddy hugged him too much . None of this matters because the son of a bitch was evil , and evil cannot be reasoned with , or prevented by legislative masturbation . It can only be defeated or in this case contained .

We have not seen the last of this type incident either because we have an entire generation raised on self esteem and participation trophies that never in their lives have experienced any consequence for their actions . When life doesn't hand them what their parents , and school taught them is their due .. well this is on the extreme end of the self centered temper tantrum they will throw .

The only way this type thing is going to be stopped is by force . Immediate , effective resistance to their will is all that will stop them. They cannot be reasoned with , pleaded with , talked or cajoled out of their violence . Only violence in return will make them stop once they decide to do something like this . Its your choice , submit to evil and pray to survive or resist and make him prey to survive.
I know which I choose , so I carry my damned gun .


Old NFO said...

Concur, and interestingly enough, it appears it is a felony to discharge a firearm anywhere other than on a range within the city limits of Aurora...

Farm.Dad said...

NFO , you sure wouldn't know that walking out of University Hospital late on a Friday or Saturday night for a smoke and listening to the pops in the background .

Old NFO said...

I know... sigh

Evyl Robot Michael said...

Well said. These people choose to live like a wild animal and should be put down thusly.